Book Review: The Perfect Father: The True Story of Chris Watts, His All-American Family, and a Shocking Murder by John Glatt

As an avid true crime reader, I couldn't wait to read the Perfect Father. I have followed Chris Watt's story from day one, and was super excited to read more about the crime. 

Inside this book, you will get to know Chris, Shannan, Bella, and Cece. You will follow their life, marriage, and family. Chris Watt's is an everyday nice, quiet, non confrontational man who ends up killing his whole family to be with his mistress. 


How can a man change so much? Why was divorce not an option in his eyes? This book has some really tough spots to read, but it gives you an inside look on what led up to that awful day. 

I don't think we'll ever know the psychology behind why he did what he did. But we can celebrate the 4 lives that were lost and read a very good true crime book. The Perfect Father is available for check out at the Charles City Public Library. Call 641-257-6319 or visit to reserve your copy today! 

Crystal Griffen 

CCPL Library Assistant

Also published in the Charles City Press.