Library Card

  • Library cards will be issued to anyone who can present verification of their address should-i-get-a-library-card.jpgand who are at least age 5.
  • People who are temporary residents of the community may be issued a card. Both the temporary address and the permanent address will be noted in the computer record and on the registration card.
  • People applying for a Library card for the first time will be required to present one form of typewritten identification that lists their current address. Children will be required to have a parent or guardian with current address information to verify their address.
    • Examples of acceptable identification include, but are not limited to: current driver’s license or permit, car registration, personal check with name and address imprinted, utility bill, rent receipt, student identification card, and school schedule. Personal correspondence is unacceptable.
    • In the event that the library is closed to the public for a prolonged period of time. Patrons may sign up for a library card by phone or email and make an appointment to bring in proof of address
  • The first time a new patron uses his/her card to check out materials s/he will be allowed to have only 2 items checked out at a time. Following the timely return of initial items checked out, the restriction will be lifted
  • The Library card needs to be presented at the time of each checkout and when the person uses a computer. Presentation of the card eliminates an impostor from charging materials on another person’s account and ensures that materials are checked out only to the bearer of the card. In absence of a library card, a patron may check out with a photo ID.
  • There will be no charge for the first library card. In case of lost cards, there will be  a $2.00 non-refundable replacement fee. Card holders are responsible for their cards and should report a lost card to the Library as soon as possible. At the time of such a report the staff shall immediately lock the person’s account until a new card is applied for. A worn out card will be replaced at no charge to the patron.