Proctoring Service

With the increase in distance learning many students are required to take a proctored exam. The library offers a free proctoring service to the public.

Here is our policy regarding proctoring. Please contact the library director at 641-257-6319 or by with questions or to set up an exam.



The Charles City Public Library provides exam proctoring service to the public free of charge. Because library staff are engaged in other duties, the following conditions are to be understood.

The Library will:

  • Accept exams by email or postal mail.
  • Provide library staff to supervise a test. However the library cannot constantly monitor the student one on one.
  • Provide a computer to take an online test. However the library will not install additional software on library computers to accommodate testing. Students may bring in their own computers at the discretion of the educational institution.
  • Provide a study carrel for a student to take a written test. However the student and institution must understand that area provided is in a public space where there may be noise.
  • Make student aware of any specific institutional guidelines (no notes, no open books, calculator or computer permitted).
  • Return a written exam either by mail in a self -addressed envelope provided by the educational institution or by scanning the test and emailing it according to the instructions on the Proctoring Instruction Form.

The Student will:

  • The student will contact the library director to set up the testing. In the event that the director is absent for more than a day, another designated staff may set up the testing.
  • Verify receipt of their exam at the library.
  • Schedule exams in advance. Unscheduled exams will not be accommodated.
  • Exams must be taken during regular library hours and may not be scheduled within an hour of the library closing.
  • Provide a valid Driver’s license or ID for verification of identity or the test cannot be proctored.
  • If a student is taking an online exam, they will be able to use a computer for the length of time stipulated in the exam. The student must be in good standing with the library to use the computer for exams.
  • The student is responsible for any incidental costs, such as postage to mail back the exam (at US Postal Service rates). Payment of costs is due prior to the time of the exam. Call the library to verify receipt of the examination.
  • Allow sufficient time to take the examination before the deadline that has been established by the institution or association.
  • Come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the examination.
  • Allow sufficient return time for the normal library mailing. The student is responsible for making sure that the completed exam has been received by the institution.


The educational institution will:

  • Contact the library director or their designee to set up testing for the student.
  •  Provide a completed Proctoring Instruction Form and include it with each test that they have the library proctor.

The Library cannot:

  • Provide a locked or secure place for the test.
  • Provide a quiet study room for test taking.
  • Provide a librarian who will constantly watch the student one on one who is taking the exam. We will only periodically check on the student.
  • Provide proctoring for multiple students in a given day.
  • Mail the completed exam at times other than the regular library mailing.
  • Arrange for courier or delivery pickup of completed exams.
  • Be responsible for completed exams that have gone astray in the postal system.
  • Keep copies of completed exams more than 14 days past the date the completed exam is sent.