Book Review: The Monsters We Make by Kali White

Do we ever really know our friends? Family? Neighbors? Do we really know what our kids do in their free time? 

I have never read Kali White before, and her new book didn't disappoint.  

This book is loosely based on Johnny Gosch, Eugene Martin, and Marc Allen, who disappeared from Des Moines, Iowa between 1982 and 1986. This book is a work of fiction, but the cases and many facts in the book are based on the real life cases of three newspaper boy abductions, along with other crimes against children in the United States at this time. 

It is startling to find out how little police knew about sex rings, sexual preditors, and pedophiles over 35 years ago. We're very lucky that times have changed and law enforcement knowledge has increased allowing them to better stop and solve these kinds of crimes. It is a very eye opening book that may be difficult for some to read, but well worth it. The Monsters We Make is available for check out at the Charles City Public Library. Call 641-257-6319 or visit to reserve your copy today! 

Crystal Griffen 

CCPL Library Assistant

Book review was also published in the Charles City Press.