Book Review: One Two Three by Laurie Frankel


Reviewed by Dana Schwickerath, CCPL Assistant Director


A friend recently recommended I read the book One Two Three by Laurie Frankel, and I enjoyed it so much I feel the need to pass it on.


In the fictional town of Bourne, the teenage Mitchell triplets and their mother are our protagonists. Mabs (One) is a healthy teenager who’s torn between the idea of college and staying with her family; Monday (Two) is intelligent but has a lot of ADHD energy and a knack for finding neighbors the book they actually want to read; Mirabell (Three) is the smartest of the triplets but needs an electric wheelchair and computer to speak. Their widowed mother isn’t to be discounted either, as she’s trying to prove that a local chemical company knew they were polluting the water while she was pregnant seventeen years ago – and her three brilliant daughters might be the help she needs to get justice for the town. Was the company responsible for dirtying the water, and can the Mitchells stop them from reopening in the present?


With the pertinent theme of justice, the perfect dose of teenage relationships, and just enough mystery to intrigue, this book checked many boxes for me! The story of the Mitchells’ lives is spellbinding, full of affection, and well worth the read. Stop into the Charles City Public Library today to pick up our copy!