Book Review: Flawless by Elsie Silver

Book Review on Flawless by Elsie Silver written by Stacey Leerhoff


Do you ever get into a reading rut? Many of you have heard me say that I do. My first choice to read is almost always a young adult fantasy book with some romance in it. I love the fantasy aspect most of all and by virtue of being a young adult book,  they are generally fast paced with lots of dialogue. Romance is a staple in most books I read because relationships are important to me when I’m reading stories. Now, I imagine you guess that  I’ve been in a fantasy reading rut. I don’t usually mind if I am in a fantasy rut, however lately I’ve been reading Sarah Maas’ Crescent City series and they are fantastic, but they  are a lot. Alot, Like 800 pages full of fantasy and romance and story, so I needed a little break. A patron came in looking for a new romance book the other day and we got to chatting. She mentioned that she had read a new author, Elsie Silver and liked her.  She’s an author from Canada that writes romances about cowboys and bull riding. I checked our catalog to see if we had anything by her and we didn’t so I bought the first book to read and loved it! Consequently, I ordered the series for the library and anyone can now check it out!!!

I mentioned that it had been a long time since I read anything but fantasy, so it was fun to read about cowboys. The main character, Rhett Eaton, is a bull riding world champion and he gets himself into a bit of a pickle because he gets caught on camera saying he hates milk. His biggest sponsor is Dairy King Milk, so that didn’t go over very well.  Now his agent has to clean up the mess. His agent’s idea of cleaning up his mess is to give him a glorified babysitter until the end of the season. That babysitter happens to be his daughter, fresh out of law school and working for his firm. Kip is out to teach both of them a lesson. The idea of having a babysitter really grates on Rhett, even if she is beautiful, smart, and full of sarcastic banter. Summer Hamilton can definitely hold her own with Rhett and what starts out as a horrible idea may just end in…another horrible idea. To find out if Rhett wins the championship and the girl, read “Flawless” by Elsie Silver. The series continues with “Heartless” and you can check it out at the library. That is, if I’m finished reading it. Wink wink.