Use a Computer

The Library currently has twelve computers for public use. 

Each computer has:

  • Access to the Internet

  • Microsoft Office 2007, including Word and Excel

  • Ability to print (we charge 15 cents for black and white and 40 cents for color.)

  • Staff assistance is available but limited. We will offer classes at set times for those wishing to become more proficient on the computer. Let staff know if you are interested.

  • Our Internet and Computer policy may be found here

Other computers at the library:

  • Genealogy computer connected to our microfilm reader and scanner.

  • 2 Children's Ipads with educational games donated by IPTV

  • "Iowa Locator" computer to help you find books you may want us to borrow from other libraries.

  • 6 chomebook computers for in library use only.


We do have a wireless network available for those who bring in their own computers or other wireless devices.