Library History

History of the Charles City Public Library
1878- The first public reading room and library were established on the 2nd floor of the Hildreth Building. Later the building caught fire and the library was damaged. The library reopened a short time later in the Cheny-Hand block and later moved to the 1st floor of the Owens Building on Kelly St.
1904- The Carnegie Library building opened on the corner of Jackson and Kelly Streets. This building was funded by a $12,500 grant by Andrew Carnegie.carnegie
1930- Arthur Mooney established a $25,000 trust fund for art at the library.
1979- The library's current building was opened. This building is located on Clark St, between the First Baptist Church and City Hall.
1998- Katherine Zastrow's estate established a fund for the library to build an addition for a meeting room. The library board decided to add a gallery to house the Mooney collection and remodel the existing building at the same time.
2000- The library was moved to a temporary location in the Cedar Mall.
2001- The newly expanded and remodeled library reopened.