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What are e-Books?

Electronic books (also e-books, e-books, or digital books) are a text and image-based publications in digital form.

What are down-loadable audio books?

Digital files of recorded books, similar to a book on CD but one that you download from the Internet.

What else is there?

Digital magazines, downloadable music and some various digital services. Please visit our Online Resources page for more details.

Why e-Books?

ebooks One e-book reader can hold the equivalent of hundreds of print books. Therefore they are ideal for people who travel or who do not have space for books. Most e-book readers allow you to change the size of your text so they are easier to read. Many e-book readers come with added features, such as a built in dictionary and wifi capability. Tablets, such as the Ipad are more like a computer but can also work as a e-book reader. Many smart phones now can be used to read e-books.

Where do you get e-Books?

Bridges LogoYou can check out and read free e-books and download audio books from the library's Bridges site Get started here or print these directions for later use.

 Note: our collection of e-books is growing but like all libraries, you might have to wait a bit for popular items. Almost all e-book readers can use the Bridges site, even the Kindle.

If you are interested in education whether it is improving your math skills or practicing to take the ACT, Learning Express has many e-books available for download in addition to their video and interactive content.

Learning Express has lots of tutorials and here is one about using their site for downloading and reading their e-books.

Project Gutenberg is also another free resource for e-books.The books on Project Gutenberg are older publications, which are now in the public domain or books that the copywrite holder has decided to make free to the public. If you like classics such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, this site is for you.

Many commercial vendors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble have e-books for sale. The advantage is no waiting.


If you just thinking about getting an e-book reader or have one but cannot figure out how to use the Bridges service, stop by the library and we can help. We also have some  printable instructions that you might be interested in.