Audio books are great!

If you don't have time to sit down and read;
If you cannot "read" due to physical limitations;
If you have a long commute;
Then audio books may be for you!

Here is a list of different types of audio books at the library:

Books on CD (compact disc)- These audio books may be used wherever you play music CDs. THe library has over 1200 audio books on CD.

Playaways-   These audio books come with their playawayown player!

Use them with your own headphones or use a device to play them through your stereo. Playaways are made for the person on the go. The library has over 180 books on playaway.


neiborsDownloadable audio books- You may listen to these books either on a mobile device, such as ipod, cell phone or mp3 player. The library has partnered with 100 other libraries in Iowa to bring you NEIBORS, a library of over 2000 audio books that you can download! To use this sevice, visit the NEIBORS website on your home computer, choose Charles City Public Library and log on with your library card number. Visit this page for a list of the many portable devices that work with NEIBORS.

MP3 CDs- The library has a small collection of MP3s on disc. They look like regular CDs but have the advantage of taking up only one disk for an entire book. The MP3 CDs play on any computer or CD player designed to play MP3 format.

Cassettes- The library carries books on cassette although we no longer buy in this format. Many cars still have cassette players.

Devices you should know about:

radio transmitter Radio transmitter- plugs into the headphone jack cassette adapterof a playaway or other portable device and transmits through your radio. Great for cars with a CD player.


 Cassette adapter- plugs into the headphone jack of a playaway or other portable device and into your cassette player.